Stories from Brides on Choosing their date

April 17, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

My fiancée and I thought about this long and hard. I wanted this to be a memory thing something we both could really cherish and to help make our day special.. My father passed away unfortunately in 2007 so he won’t be able to walk me down the aisle and just his presence is a blessing in its self. So we picked my fathers birthday for our wedding date. We get married next year!
​April 09, 2021
-Demi Locke, Bride 

Ryan and I got married on February 18th, 2012. The wedding was held in LaBelle Florida outside under huge oak trees at a historical home. Being in Southwest Florida I knew I absolutely could not have a summer wedding. My wedding dress was a tea length gown, that helped. The problem is the majority of the year in South Florida is summer. I had to choose a date that would have the possibility to be nice weather. I also, did not want any other birthdays or big holidays around our wedding. Out of the "winter" months in South Florida you have November with Thanksgiving, December with Christmas, and January is Ryan's birthday. We ended up choosing the, 18th because it was on President's day weekend so we would always have a long weekend around our anniversary. Just so happens it is near Valentine's day too. That surprisingly didn't play a huge part in choosing the date, but it's a perk now. My bridesmaids had light sweaters just in case something crazy happened and it was actually cold, but they didn't need them at all!
February 18, 2012
-Susan White, Bride 

Okay so me and my fiancé set the date for in November because we both wanted a fall wedding. We chose the 28th because it’s my great grandmother’s birthday...who I’m named after...and she’s also the woman who adopted my mom and gave her a new life compared to how she would have been raised. It’s a special day for me and especially my mom (she was also wanting me and my fiancé to get married on the 28th) to make my mom think even for just a little bit that I’m going to be selfish for my wedding day that I “wanted” it to be my day, no holiday or anyone else’s day, I told her it was on the 21st it’s been VERY hard not to tell her but it’ll be worth it when I surprise her with it next week...everyone that already knows the real wedding date has kept it a secret from my mom so we could surprise her with the invitations when they come in my mom has never really had any kind of surprise birthday party so this I think is better than that. Also it’s the Saturday after thanksgiving so any family that’s already in town that’s from out of town could have a chance of coming to the wedding as well.
November 28, 2020
-Brently McClain, Bride 



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