How to choose the perfect day for your big day

April 18, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
So now that everything has settled from the excitement of your engagement lets get down business! One of the first things you and your fiancé need to talk about are dates, you should try to nail down a date as soon as possible. The sooner you have a date figured out the sooner you can start contacting your vendors and searching for a venue! When it comes to picking a date many couples often don't discuss how long of an engagement they want. Do you want a longer engagement or a shorter engagement? Whichever your fiancé and you decide plays a factor in what months and dates you have to pick from and what kind of timeline you have to work with when it comes to the entire wedding planning process! Another factor to think about is what season you want to get married in. Whether you've always dreamed of getting married in a field with thousands of wildflowers surrounding you or a winter wonderland choosing the right day for your perfect day is a huge task and can come across to be very daunting! As someone who was a bride herself I found myself indulging in hours and hours of Pinterest searching for ideas and the "style" I was wanting and looking for. Let me encourage you to create a Pinterest board with all your ideas, find the "theme" you're looking for and then let that guide your way in picking a date! Obviously you wouldn't put sunflowers and wildflowers in your winter wonderland theme wedding but you would do white roses and light blues and soft pinks for your winter wonderland! ​Be sure to check out a few personal testimonies from Brides on how they went about choosing their date! 


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