Bridal Party

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Now that you have your date chosen lets talk about bridal party!! The bridal party can make or break your wedding day in my opinion, you want to be sure that your bridal party are those who love and support you and your fiancé while helping keep the mood of your entire wedding planning process fun and exciting! But, how exactly do you go about choosing your bridal party? Well, first your fiancé and you need to discuss how big of a bridal party you want. I have seen brides have a bridal party as big as sixteen bridesmaids and sixteen groomsmen but then brides have also had just a Maid/Matron of Honor and a Best Man. Honestly it's just personal preference for what you and your fiancé are looking for. I do try to let brides know the bigger the bridal party the more opinions you're going to have, it can be more expensive, and you have more opportunity for drama to occur. However, there are pros to having a bigger bridal party such as you won't feel as if you're excluding anyone, you will be able to include all of your important people. Secondly you are more apt to have more help with wedding planning and pre-wedding events such as bridal showers and the bachelorette weekend instead of it all falling on to just one person and overwhelming them. And finally you are going to be receiving tons of love and support from some of your most important people on your big day! Now let's say you decide to have a smaller bridal party you still have some great pros to go off of.  Such as, it'll be more intimate. You are able to focus on your girls and take in a little more consideration as to their thoughts and opinions when it comes to their dresses and the bachelorette party! You are also able to make things more personalized, when it comes to having your bridal party it's tradition to give them some type of gift to say, "thank you for standing by us on our big day." So when doing these gifts you can do personalized water bottles, shirts for getting ready the morning of, jewelry of some type whether it be earrings or a necklace for them to wear. Now, I'm not saying that you can't personalize your bridal party gifts if you have a larger party because you absolutely can! What I'm saying is it'll feel a bit overwhelming and not as organized. However, there are cons to a smaller bridal party that you may want to consider. You may feel as if you are pushed to choose certain people based off relationship, friendship length, family versus non family. You then will feel as if you are leaving your important people out and feelings will be hurt because they weren't chosen to be a bridesmaid or groomsmen. There is a silver lining though! Just because someone isn't specifically a bridesmaid or groomsmen, Maid/Matron of Honor, or Best Man doesn't mean they can't play a big part in your day! For your girls who aren't bridesmaids give them specific jobs for the day of, whether that's helping fluff your dress for photos, carrying your dress across the grass or outside while you walk, or even opening and closing the doors during the actual ceremony as the procession is happening you can give them jobs that will help ease both parties in feeling that they are included and not missing out on your big day! And for your groomsmen, even though they are less likely to have their feelings hurt for not being a groomsmen you can still give them a job of being an attendant in helping people find their seats before the ceremony. This way all of your important people are still included in your big day and nobody is made to feel left out. I hope when it comes to choosing your bridal party and who you want to stand next to you on your special day that you consider some of the things written in this blog to help you make some decisions.


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